Pros And Cons Of Using Facebook During Divorce

For most people, social media has become a part of daily life. Checking Facebook during your lunch break, receiving Twitter notifications on your phone and interacting with other social media platforms may be something you don’t think twice about. However, going through a divorce or custody dispute can put a different spin on it all. In some cases, your online life may be used against you in the courtroom.At Challoner Law, we provide caring and capable family law guidance to clients in Santa Rosa and the surrounding areas of California. Drawing on many years of practice and a deep understanding of the issues families face, our lawyer is equipped to provide the thoughtful legal advice you need to protect your interests during your divorce. This includes advising you about how to use social media wisely.

How Texts, Tweets And Posts Can Be Helpful

At our firm, we have occasionally been able to uncover clients’ contact information through social media sites when we had no other way to reach them. This enabled us to provide the service they required.

Another benefit of social media is that it can allow you to connect with a wide support group of friends and family members. This is often particularly helpful for those who feel lost and alone during the divorce process. Connecting with others is a powerful way to cope with stress.

How Social Media Can Be Used Against You

Unfortunately, the dangers of texting, tweeting and posting during divorce often greatly outweigh the benefits. The fact is that “private” accounts aren’t really private, and what you say online can easily make itself into the courtroom.

Your personal Facebook page, your text messages, your Snapchat photos and other online interactions can potentially be used against you as evidence of:

  • How you treat your children (which can affect custody)
  • How you spend money from joint bank accounts (which can affect property division)
  • How you are intentionally underemployed (which can affect child support)

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