Handling Child Relocation Requests In California

In the years following a divorce, personal circumstances often change for those involved — both parents and children. These changes can require that a modification be made to the divorce decree, particularly if one parent wants to move out of the area.At Challoner Law, we provide experienced guidance to clients throughout the process of relocating to a different city or moving out of California. We make sure that you fully understand your rights and options, providing legal solutions that best serve the child’s interests and allow him or her to continue a healthy relationship with both parents. We are also able to advise you if you want to stop the other parent from relocating with your children.

“I enjoy helping parents find useful resolutions. When they can’t get along and their children are suffering as a result, it’s very satisfying to guide them to a solution that really works.” — Attorney Challoner

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Providing The Answers And Solutions You Need As A Parent

If a parent does not have primary custody of the child and is moving away, a petition can be filed to modify the visitation arrangement. Arrangements must still be made to allow him or her parenting time with the child and provide a clear understanding of how transportation will take place.

If a parent is moving from the area and has primary custody of the child, the situation can become more difficult because the child will be relocated from his or her school and familiar surroundings. Modifications must also be made to the custody and visitation plan to ensure that the remaining parent still receives sufficient time with the child.

These situations can often result in contentious disputes, requiring the court to intervene and make a determination. Our lawyer will zealously advocate on your behalf to protect your parental rights and the time you are allowed to spend with your child.

When a custody or visitation decree is modified, it often changes the amount of support to be paid. We can help you modify the child support order, too.

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