Helping You Explore Your Divorce Options

Considering filing for divorce is a difficult position to be in. Getting help and insight from an experienced divorce attorney can help you understand your options and the potential impact that any decisions may have on your life. At Challoner Law, we are dedicated to providing clients in the Santa Rosa, California, area with a full explanation of all of their divorce options in a language that everyone can understand.

Providing You With Straightforward Advice And Options

If you are going through divorce, our divorce and family law lawyers can help you with a range of services. You will benefit from an approach tailored to your specific situation:

  • Full representation: We will advise you on all aspects of a complete dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation or nullity, and help you determine which is most appropriate for you. We will prepare and file all necessary paperwork and represent you through all stages of the process, including litigation.
  • Limited representation: By providing representation on a more limited basis, we can give you only the services you need to minimize your expenses.
  • Mediation: Our firm provides mediation services for clients who are seeking an alternative to traditional litigation. In mediation, you and your spouse seek to reach a negotiated resolution with the assistance of an attorney/mediator in a non-adversarial setting and without going to court. We can assist you through the process to help you protect your interests and your family by seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement.

To learn more about divorce and how we handle these cases, as well as the issues that stem from a divorce, call our law firm today at 707-542-8516. We can also be reached through our online contact form.