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More and more in California, marriages are ending after 30, 40 or even 50 years. Known as “gray divorce,” dissolving a long-standing marriage is a unique challenge. At Challoner Law in Santa Rosa, we will give you high-quality legal guidance throughout your gray divorce.Generally, a gray divorce is different than separation involving younger couples. For example, your children probably are grown and out of the house, so neither child custody nor child support will be issues. But with retirement just a few years away, fair property division will likely be critical to you. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of divorce. You can trust us to ensure your best interests are taken into consideration during settlement negotiations.

Thoughtful Property Division In Divorce After 50

Among the factors we consider in every gray divorce are:

  • Spousal support. If you have worked as the primary child caregiver and homemaker for the past 40 years, you may have a very hard time earning an income to support yourself post divorce. We help clients on both sides of the issue negotiate an alimony plan that will help sustain the recipient and remain at a level the payer can afford.
  • Retirement savings. Just because you and your spouse will not be spending your golden years together does not mean you are not entitled to your fair share of the retirement funds you saved together during the marriage. One of our divorce lawyers will make sure you receive the portion of the retirement accounts that you deserve.
  • The family home and other real estate. Some divorcing couples choose to sell the house and divide the proceeds. Other times, one spouse keeps the house. Whatever living situation is right for you, we will help you pursue it. We will also represent your best interests regarding vacation homes and other property.

We will discuss your post-divorce goals with you and tailor our strategy to achieve them. We provide strong legal representation while also respecting your time and financial situation.
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