Offering Alternative Dispute Resolution Services To Better Meet Your Needs

The family court system can leave much to be desired. Often, divorcing spouses or parents walk away from a judgment disappointed, as decisions made by judges do not take into account all the small nuances involved in their daily lives.At Challoner Law, we provide the opportunity for couples, parents and families to create more meaningful and personalized solutions to their family law problems through mediation. During this process, we help our clients take control of their situations and identify their needs and wants. Contact our Santa Rosa mediation attorneys at 707-542-8516 to learn more.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provides individuals and their families with the means to find answers to their legal situations in a less expensive and less hostile manner than what is experienced in the traditional legal process. Common ADR options include mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.

Providing Mediation Services In Many Different Cases

At our California family law firm, we provide full mediation services to individuals facing numerous family struggles, including:

As family law mediators, we help you understand all the issues that must be addressed and the options you have in front of you. From there, we help structure and craft an agreement that, once approved by the court, will be legally binding on all parties involved.

Contact Our Sonoma County Lawyers For Affordable Representation

While you can seek out help from a non attorney mediator, this is not always wise. These mediators cannot provide legal advice, nor can they draft your mediation agreement for the court. At our office, we provide bundled mediation services at an affordable price. Contact our California family law firm to schedule your consultation and learn about your options.