Experienced Representation In Paternity Matters

Proving paternity is a pivotal point of some family law matters. If the identity of the father is in question, steps must be taken to establish this and provide the correct individual parental involvement, both in support and access to the child.At Challoner Law, we represent fathers seeking a place in their children’s lives by establishing paternity and gaining paternal rights. Our attorneys also provide representation to mothers seeking to establish paternity of their children’s father in an effort to obtain child support. Once the paternity is established, the father will be obligated to provide child support. In return, he will also have full paternal rights and the opportunity to seek visitation or custody rights.

Key Facts To Know About Paternity

Generally, the father named on the birth certificate at the time of birth is considered the biological father. If this is contested, either by the mother or a man who believes he is the father, DNA testing can be ordered to prove paternity. Our firm will facilitate this testing, helping you find the answers you need. Once the results are in, we will prepare the court documents and case to legally establish paternity.

While these cases are often fairly straightforward, they can be complicated by other family dynamics or the involvement of a stepparent in the child’s life. We seek to help fathers, mothers and families as they sort through these issues and establish decrees that will serve as the framework for the child’s life going forward.

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