Step Parent Adoptions In Sonoma County, California

In today’s world blended families are quite common. Many times a child’s biological parent will marry a person who wishes to pursue legal adoption of his or her spouse’s child. At the Challoner Law, we work with families who have chosen to bring their family together through the process of stepparent adoption.Sonoma County adoption attorney Morna G. Challoner recognizes that each adoption case is unique, requiring personalized legal representation. Whether your adoption situation involves terminating the parental rights of an absentee biological parent or you are a grandparent wishing to formally adopt your grandchild, Ms. Challoner never loses sight of what matters most in all family law matters — the well-being of all parties concerned.

Terminating Parental Rights Is Often Key

Although the adoption process may seem complex, in reality, with the help of an experienced lawyer, it can go quite smoothly. The most important matter in a stepparent adoption involves terminating the rights of the biological parent or parents. In many cases, biological parents amicably agree to sign away their rights. When a biological parent cannot be located, it is possible for us to petition the court for an involuntary termination, allowing the adoption to move forward.

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