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At Challoner Law, we are committed to protecting your interests and ensuring that your children are provided for through fair child support orders. We also assist in the creation of spousal support (spousal support) agreements that help both spouses enter the next stage of their lives in the most financially sound position possible.In every case, we take a customized approach, working to ensure that your unique situation is taken into account. Feel free to call us at 707.542.8516 today.

How Child Support Is Determined

In California, child support is generally calculated by a set formula. The court will plug in certain variables to determine the amount the supporting parent is obliged to pay. These variables include:

  • Percentage of custody and visitation
  • Income and earning of both parents
  • Deductions from the income
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Extra expenses for the children, such as child care, medical care and other costs

The custodial parent can also request additional money for the child’s extracurricular activities.

How Spousal Support Is Determined

Spousal support is usually based mainly on the length of the marriage, which could determine whether the support will go on indefinitely or have a specific end date. Other circumstances can also affect the amount and length of spousal support, including sacrifices made by one spouse to financially support the other’s career or education.

The goal of a spousal support order is to ensure that both spouses are self-sufficient and financially independent after a period of time. Many times, the order will stipulate that the supported spouse must show that he or she is working toward this goal, whether through seeking education or building skills that will get him or her a job.

When Circumstances Significantly Change, You May Need To Modify The Order

Initial support orders or your judgment many be open to modification. Your situation may change, whether due to a job change, additional deductions and obligations, or a sudden jump in economic status.

The needs of your child may also change over time, including changes in medical care and extracurricular involvement. Modifications can also be granted following a change in the custody agreement. Our lawyer can explain how to request a support modification.

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