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At Challoner Law in Santa Rosa, we are committed to providing caring and customized family law services to individuals and families that are going through difficult circumstances such as divorce or a challenging adoption. Our approach focuses on the unique goals and situations these families face, and we help to provide solutions that meet those needs rather than offering a one-size-fits-all fix.While some firms may push family law or divorce cases to trial, we will educate you on more cost- and time-effective alternatives, such as mediation and collaboration. While there will always be disagreements for divorcing couples, you don’t have to bankrupt each other or inflict further pain. Through mediation, the parties have a facilitated discussion that is pointed at reaching a solution. Not only does this approach provide a faster resolution, but it also helps to restore or maintain working relationships between parents who must now learn how to jointly parent their children.While attorney Morna Challoner is compassionate, you can also rest assured that she won’t hesitate to champion your rights.

“Many people think that because I’m a nice person, I don’t know how to fight. That isn’t true. I fight using law and facts. I believe that an attorney doesn’t have to be nasty in order to win.” — Challoner

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What To Expect When You Meet With Us

We offer an initial consultation at a reduced rate so that you can sit down with family law attorney Challoner and talk one-on-one about your situation. By investing this time upfront, you can begin creating a plan that will promote the most effective and efficient outcome possible. This can save you time, money and emotional strain down the road.

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We take pride in offering the responsive representation you deserve. Because we all work as a team, you can always get ahold of someone. If our lawyer isn’t in the office when you call, you can count on our paralegals, Tina and Diana, to be familiar with your case and help you address your immediate concerns.

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To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your divorce or family law issue, please contact our California law firm today at 707-542-8516.