Spring cleaning: Is it time to sweep out your spouse?

On behalf of Morna Challoner of Challoner Law posted in Divorce on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

As spring quickly approaches, you may consider making changes in your life as the spring cleaning urges strike. For many, this time of year does not simply mean getting rid of old clothes or giving the house a sparkling shine. Divorce may present itself as a major life change you may find yourself considering during this time of year.

If you do find yourself looking into filing for divorce in March, your timing coincides with that of many other individuals who choose this time of year to make such a significant decision. In fact, early spring sees one of the highest spikes in filings throughout the year with August making up the other peak time.

Holiday effects

Many individuals often do not wish to file for divorce during the winter because many holidays fall into that time. You and others likely want to attempt one last family holiday season before taking the steps toward ending your marriage. Some parties may even think that if they can get through the holidays with little to no conflict, they may have a chance to save their relationships. However, this hope does not come to fruition for many individuals.


Because the holidays often typically involve a blow to financial aspects of your life due to gift buying and other expenses, filing for divorce right after the holidays may not end up as the best timing for you. Though the beginning of the year may have marked a turning point for you as far as making the decision to divorce, you may also have decided to give yourself some time to get your financial affairs in order before filing your divorce petition.

As a result, March often comes as the point in which parties feel most prepared to move forward.

Seasonal impacts

Because the days get longer and the weather begins to warm, many individuals’ moods elevate, and they begin to feel the urge to act as spring rolls in. Those factors likely contribute to why spring cleaning desires affect so many individuals. Similarly, those feelings of needing to take action could play into why individuals feel the desire to divorce in the spring.

If you have made the decision to end your marriage and March seems like the best time for you to proceed with your divorce, you may wish to ensure that you have taken the time to prepare. Speaking with an experienced California attorney could help you fully assess your case and determine what actions you may need to complete to get your divorce underway.

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