Seeking alimony may be best for you in divorce

Seeking alimony may be best for you in divorce

One aspect of a California divorce that often gives Santa Rosa residents a bit of anxiety is finances. Many worry that they will not be able to make ends meet or uphold their standard of living. If one has been married to their spouse for several years, one spouse often will forgo their own personal and career development in lieu of raising a family or other important jobs. Alimony helps to balance that disparagement.

Financial stress can make a person hesitant to seek divorce. But, alimony could help ease stress since it is a customizable part of a divorce decree. Since alimony can be awarded in the short or long term, and for different amounts, seeking it can be the difference between making ends meet and struggling financially. At Challoner Law, we have helped many clients decide if seeking alimony is right for them.

Divorce can be a challenging time of change for anyone. However, add the financial stress to the emotional stress that a divorce can bring and it can almost make a person second-guess their willpower in seeking a divorce. However, knowing that financial options are out there for those who have been married to a spouse with a big income disparage can be a huge relief. Alimony is different from child support as child support is ordered in the child custody agreement and alimony is solely between spouses, not children.

It is entirely possible that a person could be awarded both child support and alimony in a Santa Rosa divorce. This will help the recently divorced family to get back on their feet and to maintain a similar lifestyle as compared to their post-divorce life. Expect negotiations on behalf of the divorcing spouse, many do not want to part with their money so easily. Even so, it could be an appropriate solution in a Santa Rosa divorce.

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