Are you concerned about how divorce impacts your kids?

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As a California parent, you undoubtedly want to ensure that your children have the best upbringing possible. Because your actions will affect your kids in some form or fashion, you likely closely consider any serious life changes you may feel the need to make. However, even though you know your children could face serious impacts, you may believe that certain actions are unavoidable.

One issue that you and many other parents face concerns divorce. You may have realized that your marriage no longer has sustainability, and as a result, you and your spouse may soon move through legal proceedings. Of course, you likely have worries about how your children will fare through the ordeal.


Unsurprisingly, divorce can cause a considerable amount of stress for everyone involved. No matter what their ages, your children can have intense feelings about the situation. Even though they may not have involvement in the legal proceedings themselves, they can still easily pick up on tensions and have concerns about how their parental relationships will change after divorce.

Psychological impacts

Additionally, you may have concerns that these significant changes will cause your children to act out or develop psychological issues. Certainly, ending a marriage can have such impacts on kids, especially if they feel that they must take on responsibilities in hopes of making the situation easier on you and their other parent. Therefore, you may wish to remain aware of your children’s actions and take steps to address issues if you feel that they have not handled the news of divorce and subsequent changes in a healthy manner.


Good news about this type of situation relates the children’s resiliency. In the majority of cases, children often do not have significant emotional or psychological issues. Of course, in order to ensure that your children remain resilient, you will certainly want to work toward making the situation as easy as possible for them. By allowing them to remain children and encourage relationships with yourself and their other parent, a greater chance may exist for the kids to deal with the divorce in a healthy manner.

Custody arrangements

The custody terms that you and your ex-spouse come to and how you make those agreements can also affect the children. If you both believe that you can continue to parent amicably, you may have success with co-parenting or similar techniques. If other concerns exist, you should explore other custody options.

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