Child support has many permissible uses

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In California a court may make an award of child support if pursuant to a custody case one parent is awarded sole custody and the other is awarded visitation. In such a custodial arrangement the child may live exclusively with one of their parents but still get to see the other during arranged periods of time.

If a child is under the sole custody of one parent then it is likely that the other parent will be ordered to pay child support. Child support is an important part of making sure a child has what they need after the relationship between their parents ends. Child support may be applied to a number of child-rearing expenses and the remainder of this post will discuss some of the main categories into which child support funds may be applied.

First, child support may be used to provide a child with their day-to-day needs. It may be used to buy food or pay for the rent of the residence when the child lives. It can be used to pay utility bills that heat the child’s home, keep their lights on and their water running. Child support can be used to buy a child clothing and shoes, pay their medical expenses as well as the fees that apply to their education.

Also, child support may be used to pay for care of the child if the custodial parent works. If a child requires a babysitter or other form of supervision to ensure their safety while the custodial parent is at their job then child support may be used to cover those expenses.

Finally, child support may be used to pay for a child’s entertainment and extracurricular interests. A parent may use child support to take the child on a trip, enroll them in music or sports lessons, or purchase them a holiday gift. As readers can see, there are many permissible uses of child support and this post is not inclusive to all possible uses. Readers with child support questions are asked to bring up their concerns with their family law attorneys.

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